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If you already have an ISA with us, do you want to transfer ISA funds from another provider?

To transfer ISA funds from another provider into your existing Kent Reliance ISA simply complete a copy of our transfer form for each ISA you wish to transfer. If you wish to transfer ISA funds to a branch-based ISA, you may download a form from our website or visit one of our branches.

Cash ISA Transfer Form

Do you want to transfer money into a new Kent Reliance ISA?

To open a new ISA with us and transfer funds from another provider into the new ISA, please download and complete the relevant application form (you’ll find this on the product page of the ISA you want) as well as the Kent Reliance transfer form for each ISA you wish to transfer. Alternatively, you can complete the application and transfer ISA funds form online, subject to eligibility. 

Please note: A request to transfer funds from another provider must occur within 30 days of your account being opened. We will only hold your request open for 30 days. If you have a notice account with your current provider, please check your notice period before submitting your request.

Once we have received the completed Kent Reliance ISA form from you, we will need to contact your existing provider, so please allow up to 15 working days for a cash ISA transfer and 30 days for a stocks and shares ISA transfer from when we receive your form for the transfer to take place.

Under HMRC regulations, you may not have two cash ISAs with different ISA providers at the same time both holding funds for the current tax year. If you open a cash ISA with us, and we are subsequently informed that you already have a current tax year cash ISA with another provider, we will amend the opening date of your ISA held with us to the official transfer date - normally the date your other ISA provider transferred funds to us. This will be deemed to be the date we accept your subscription and you will not earn interest prior to this date.

If your total ISA subscriptions in a tax year exceed HMRC’s limit, we will return any excess amount to you without interest, as soon as we become aware that the limit has been exceeded.

A few things to note:

  • If you’d like to transfer from more than one provider, you’ll need to complete a transfer form for each one; we are not responsible for charges made by other ISA providers.
  • Some providers may charge you a fee for transferring to a Kent Reliance ISA. You should check this before completing any transfer forms.
  • Interest is payable from the date transferred funds are received by us.

You may also like to download this guide, to find out a bit more about what will be happening during the process.

Guide to ISA transfers

Do you want to transfer money from one Kent Reliance ISA to another?

If you want to make a switch between your Kent Reliance ISA products, or make a partial transfer of funds from one ISA to another, simply complete the appropriate application form for the product you want to transfer to (you’ll find a button to download the application form on the relevant product page). Switching between ISAs is subject to availability and the terms and conditions of both accounts. For example, any early closure charge on your existing ISA may apply.