To transfer a Kent Reliance ISA to another provider without losing its tax status, you will need to complete the other provider's application form and transfer form and return these to them. Your new ISA provider will then send the transfer form to us to initiate the transfer of your ISA (and start any notice period required).

If you want to give notice to transfer an ISA you must indicate this on the new provider's transfer form, not by notifying us directly.

Once we have received your transfer instructions from your new provider, we may contact you by telephone or in writing to confirm your request to transfer. We might also take the opportunity to tell you about our current range of ISA products.

We will complete the transfer within five working days from the date we receive a valid transfer request from the new ISA provider (or from when the funds become free to transfer, if it is later) – and when all other requirements to initiate a transfer are met. The information we need includes:

  • A transfer request from your new ISA provider
  • The return of your passbook (if applicable)
  • Any other information we may need to complete the transfer.

We will make every effort to carry out the transfer quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for delays in processing the transfer if they’re caused by your new provider – or if you haven’t provided the necessary information.

Download our simple guide to transferring your ISA to find out a bit more about what will be happening during the process.

Guide to ISA transfers