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2018 Make Someone's Christmas Nominations:


21 December 2018: Jacob


Tonight's call is the last of our ten Make Someone’s Christmas surprises, and it was to Sian and Jacob in Thong. Listen here to find out why Rebekah Webb nominated her best friend's son Jacob and what happened when Rob surprised him with a trip to Harry Potter World, a collection of books and DVDs, as well as toy shop vouchers for the family.

Rebekah's nomination about Jacob, "Jacob is an 11-year-old boy whose two younger twin brothers Edward and Austin were both diagnosed with leukaemia at age two, six months apart from each other.

The treatment for the two boys is intensive and will last three years, with regular visits to the hospital. Sometimes both twins get admitted to hospital at the same time, requiring mum and dad to be in hospital with them. This is very disruptive and distressing to big brother Jacob, who unexpectedly gets picked up from school to stay with grandparents. He also spends lots of time in hospital with the twins at weekends.

He has been an absolute superstar throughout all this, taking it in his stride and looking after his brothers as much as he can. For his birthday in September, all he wanted was to "spend the day with mummy and daddy" - something that almost didn't happen due to hospital admission for one of the twins. He loves Harry Potter, and a visit from Santa with gifts for him and the twins would be a great boost for the whole family."



20 December 2018: Jason, Chloe and Lilly


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Jason, Chloe and Lilly in Kingshill. Listen here to find out why Tracey nominated her family and what happened when Rob surprised them on air, with an overnight Treehouse stay at Port Lympe plus some amazing experiences to enjoy whilst they're at the park.

Tracey's nomination about her husband Jason and their two children Chloe and Lilly,  "I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2017. Finished treatment in June 2018 and unfortunately found out in October cancer has come back and spread. My husband Jason and daughters Chloe (11yrs) and Lilly (9yrs) have had to put up with so much over the last couple of years. They have been such a support and what has kept me going. My husband and daughters are amazing and I would love to give them something back to show them how much I appreciate them and love them. It would be great to give my children a magical special day out or weekend away to take their minds off cancer and treatment"


19 December 2018: Bailey-Jae


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Bailey-Jae, in Rochester. Listen here to find out why Daniel nominated his friend's son, Bailey-Jae and what happened when Rob surprised him on air.

Daniel's nomination about Bailey-Jae: “Bailey-Jae is one of 6 children to Roy and Emma Seaward. In the early hours one November morning Roy collapsed in their home after having an epileptic seizure. The family were awoken by this as Roy had fallen down the stairs.

"Quick to react, 14-year-old Bailey (who had recently taken part in first aid training at his school in Rochester) realised that his father had stopped breathing; and whilst awaiting the emergency services proceeded to carry out CPR. 

"Bailey was calm and managed to get his father breathing again, and his actions in such difficult circumstances, at such a young age; has amazed us all.

"Bailey's father Roy has just left Medway Hospital and is recovering which is great news. Myself ( his best mate ) and his family and friends would like to show Bailey how much his actions have inspired us all. 

"Bailey is a big arsenal fan so would like to give him a day to remember at the Emirates if possible."



18 December 2018: Debbie


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Debbie in Rochester. Listen here to hear why Kat Chidlow nominated her friend, and what happened when Rob surprised Debbie with a £400 shopping voucher to spend on herself and the family this Christmas.

Kat’s nomination about Debbie, "Debbie is the most selfless person in the world.  She is a single mum of four who struggles to make ends meet. Debbie works two jobs to provide everything she can for her kids and still has the time to conduct community projects for the homeless and for the elderly as part of her charity community work with the school she works in. 

The students absolutely love her and every time she has a new community initiative for them to get involved in, they flock to be a part of it. Debbie really is amazing and has had a very tough year, she still manages to keep it all together and organise Christmas gifts for the elderly wards at Medway Hospital, Carol singing to raise money for the hospital, stocking and charity appeals for caring hands and an elderly tea party at the school to spread festive spirit. We want to give some festive spirit back for Debbie and her family. It would be lovely if Debbie and her family could have a festive day out together so we can spread some cheer back to her."

17 December 2018: Beatrice 


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Beatrice Janes, a mum from Ashford who was nominated by her daughter Charlotte for a special treat. 
Listen here to find out what happened when Rob called her back.

Charlotte wanted to treat her mum to a theatre trip in London to see the Lion King and kmfm and Kent Reliance arranged that plus dinner for the pair too. 

Charlottes nomination read:"I would like to nominate my Mother. She has been a nurse pretty much her whole life but now works at CCU as a Security Officer, although her job title should really be "second mum", because that's exactly what she is to hundreds of students each year. 

A lot of them are in need of a mother figure with being away from home for the first time, so she takes it on. She even has the nickname "Mummy Kik".

So I would like to nominate her because through her line of work she has dealt with so so much though she doesn't show it, I know it has really affected her this year. 

Throughout all of this she has never once complained! She somehow manages to stay strong through it all and for this, she is my biggest inspiration. So this nomination isn't just from me, but from the thousands of people she has helped and not once asked for anything in return! Anything you could do to lift her spirit this Christmas would be amazing!!! Thank you" 

14 December 2018: Archie 


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to 7-year-old Archie Thompson in Ramsgate. Listen here to hear why Emma Stevens nominated her son's best friend Archie and what happened when Rob surprised the boys with an £100 JD voucher each, plus a brand new iPad for Archie.

Emma’s nomination about Archie Thompson, "My son (David age 7) has Type 1 diabetes and gets poorly with his blood sugars quite a bit, Archie (age 7) is his best mate. At school Archie keeps an eye on him so if he starts to get poorly he can tell the teacher fast, he keeps an eye on him the whole day and some times David's blood sugars are to high for him to go out to play or in for lunch and Archie will stay by his side even if it means missing playtime or having to go into lunch late. He is such a great friend David would be lost without him. Archie doesn't have lots and even if he hasn't got the up to date computer, games or trainers he is always grateful for what he does have. He melts my heart the way he is so caring towards my son that I think he should have a treat. It wouldn't matter what the treat was as he would be grateful for anything."


13 December 2018: Kim


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Kim Berkitt. Listen here to hear why Sarah Carter nominated her friend Kim and what happened when Rob surprised her with annual, family Merlin passes. 

Sarah’s nomination she submitted about Kim, " Kim is a 28-year-old mum of two young children, 4 months ago Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since her diagnosis, she has been so strong. 

She has raised a lot of money doing a brave the shave charity night, she raised above and beyond her target so was able to split the money between two charities and she is going on to do more charity events to raise more money. 

Kim has been very strong and has coped so well with this devastating news and has made sure her children have not been affected. She is such a strong woman but I believe in the last two weeks she has been struggling and feeling a bit down.

I want to nominate Kim to show her she isn't on her own and that everyone is behind her. I think Kim would enjoy a day out with her children and family or a nice relaxing spa for after her treatment."


12 December 2018: Nikki


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Nikki Moore in Kingshill. She was nominated by her friend Louise Hardy. Listen here to find out what happened when Rob called her back.

Louise said in her nomination to kmfm, “Please make her Christmas special. She is a lovely lady who always puts others first she is so generous and warm often carrying out random acts of kindness. In December she is donating her kidney to enable her neighbour to get a kidney transplant who has been very ill for two years. She works at Tunbridge Wells Hospital as a clinical support worker and is a mum of four so she is always giving to others. I would love her to have something special for her for Christmas as she does so much for others" 

kmfm and Kent Reliance are sending Nikki and a plus one for an overnight spa escape to help her on her way to a full recovery.


11 December 2018: Alice


Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to Alice in Canterbury. Her mum, Katie nominated her. Listen here to find out what happened when Rob called her back.

kmfm and Kent Reliance wanted to do something special for Alice after hearing her story, so they have kitted her out with a brand new laptop and printer so she can finish the book that she's writing. 


10 December 2018: Belle

Tonight’s Make Someone’s Christmas call was to a young lady called Belle who is a young carer. Her mum, Shavonne nominated Belle. Listen here to find out what happened when Rob called her back.

Shavonne wanted Belle to have a day off and to go and have some fun, so kmfm and Kent Reliance have treated her to a family day out at LegoLand, plus spending money!

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