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We’re here to support you

We know many of you are worried about the impact COVID-19 may be having on your finances, but rest assured we’re here to help you any way we can.

The easiest way to manage your account is through online services. If you need to contact us then please email, and we’ll deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. If it’s essential that you speak with someone, you can call us on 01634 835044, but we’re trying to ensure priority is given to those in the greatest need of help.

Our regularly updated COVID-19 FAQs contain all the information you need to know.

If you need to request a new mortgage payment holiday

If you’re able to maintain your regular mortgage payments then please continue to do so. However, if you think you may struggle to make a mortgage or loan payment due to COVID-19, and you’ve not already had a payment holiday of up to three months, you can request one now.

The quickest way for you to apply for a mortgage payment holiday is to complete our online mortgage payment holiday form.

If you’ve taken a mortgage payment holiday and continue to experience financial difficulties

If you’re concerned about your ability to make future mortgage payments, we may be able to consider further support. This may include an extension to your payment holiday. As the guidance in place from the Government is changing daily, requesting an extension to a current payment holiday too soon may not be the right thing for you to do. If you believe you’re going to experience ongoing financial difficulties, please don’t contact us until the last month of your current payment holiday. This will help us to prioritise dealing with customers who have imminent need of further assistance.

Before we can agree to any further support, we’ll need a full understanding of your current household income and outgoings, and would ask you to complete our income and expenditure form.

What we’ll need from you

To make informed decisions regarding your account, we need a full understanding of your current household income and outgoings, so please complete our income and expenditure form.

Please email completed forms to us at Please be aware this is an unencrypted mailbox and any personal information sent to it will not be secure.

Alternatively, you can return the form to us by post at the following address:
Kent Reliance
Reliance House,
Sun Pier,

How we’ll help

A member of our team will call you to discuss your current circumstances to get a better understanding of how we can help you. We’ll agree with you the best practical way forward by putting affordable arrangements in place.

Please be aware that we’re unable to offer advice about debts you hold with other organisations and you should speak to the organisations involved or approach an independent free debt advice service. Contact details for some of these are listed below.

Ongoing assistance

We’ll continue to monitor your account and work closely with you to ensure that any financial hardship is kept to a minimum as much as possible. If your circumstances change at any point, please get in touch with us so that we can review existing arrangements.

Additional help and support

Links to debt advice organisations for free advice and support are below: