ISA flexibility from Kent Reliance
05 May 2014

Kent Reliance has confirmed that customers who wish to open a fixed rate ISA before 1 July will be able to top up their account to their entire annual £15,000 allowance when the new limits come in on 1 July 2014, Kent Reliance has also confirmed that transfers in from other providers will be accepted from both Cash ISAs and Stocks and Shares ISAs as long as they are completed within a 30 day period of the account being opened.

John Eastgate, Group Director of Sales & Marketing, says, “We understand that the current interest rate climate is hard on savers so making the most of the tax free savings allowance is very important. Choosing the right account is difficult but we believe it shouldn’t be made even harder by inflexible restrictions on how you manage your savings.”

John continues, “Any customer who opens any ISA with Kent Reliance in this tax year will be able to top up to their entire annual £15,000 allowance as they wish. This means a customer can pay monthly deposits into the account or pay in at any time as the year goes by to meet their annual allowance right up to the end of the tax year.”

Most savings accounts currently available in the UK restrict how, when and where savers can make deposits to their ISA. Kent Reliance states that it has no intention in changing the flexibility of its ISA products.

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