Kent Reliance bids farewell to valued employee after 28 years
06 Jul 2014

The team at Kent Reliance was sad to announce the departure of Pauline Page, who retired from the bank this week after 28 years' service.

After nearly three decades, you could say Pauline has seen it all. Recessions, housing booms and takeovers and yet despite all this, Pauline says that one factor has remained constant, “the wonderful people and sense of community that keeps Kent Reliance a great place to work.”

With a history of working alongside branches and Head Office in Chatham, Pauline started with Kent Reliance in the Gravesend branch in 1985, and the importance of keeping the branches in the community has remained with her ever since. “Whilst the branches will always have a special place in my heart and I am extremely passionate about them, I do love the ‘buzz’ of Head Office,” Pauline admitted. “Everyone is just so lovely and always there to help. The atmosphere is just brilliant!”

Pauline’s legacy will continue however as her two daughters, Mandy and Lucy Page, are following in her footsteps and both are now working for the Kent based bank. “My daughters have grown up with me being at Kent Reliance, and I am thrilled that they are working there too. It just demonstrates what a great company it is to work for, and how valued their employees are. I don’t know anyone at any company that is as happy in their work as I have been here, and that is from my heart.”

“Whilst I wouldn’t want to change any of my time here, I wish I could turn back the clock and do it all over again,” Pauline said. “To depart at such an exciting time is such a shame, but I’ll leave it to my trusted colleagues to work on for now. I know the branches are going to be looked after and I’m sure I’ll keep in touch. I’ll never forget the warm sense of community and the people that make up Kent Reliance, and can honestly say that I have made life long friends during my time here.”

Andrew Ferguson, Head of Sales and Distribution, Kent Reliance, said: “It’s been wonderful to have Pauline here as a dedicated member of the team for all this time. She has really given it her all, and will be greatly missed by everyone. Pauline has always gone the extra mile to support our customers and has left that legacy within her team. On behalf of everyone here at Kent Reliance I wish her a happy and healthy retirement and hope she enjoys a well-deserved rest.”