Kent Reliance crowned Best Bank Savings Provider
08 Jun 2015

Kent Reliance, the retail savings and specialist mortgage provider, scored a hat-trick at the prestigious Moneyfacts awards held in London on Tuesday, winning three awards from four nominations, to become the biggest Savings category winner on the night.

The provider took home the highly regarded award for Best Bank Savings Provider, as well as winning Best No Notice Account Provider, and holding on to the Best Cash ISA Provider for the third year running.

The Moneyfacts Awards showcase providers that continue to demonstrate a firm commitment to quality and choice and across a wide range of products at a time when the sector’s success and growth have never been more important.

Lee Tillcock, Editor at Moneyfacts, said: “By offering an excellent overall product range Kent Reliance is a worthy winner of Best Bank Savings Provider. Low minimum deposit requirements and competitive interest rates meant that this provider was a worthy choice for personal investors’ funds. It has also deservedly retained its title as the winner in the Best ISA provider category. Improving on its good work from last year, Kent Reliance deserves applause for continuing to provide a full range of options in this tax-free savings sector.”

John Eastgate, Sales and Marketing Director, One Savings Bank said, “When I reflect upon the work the team at Kent Reliance has put in to enhance our savings product range this year, it’s all the more rewarding to bring home this best provider in class award to crown the achievement, especially when you consider the competitive environment we operate in and the scale of some of the larger banks. Being crowned Best Bank Savings Provider is a distinguished feather to add to our cap, and it’s the third year in a row that we’ve won the Best Cash Isa Provider award, a testament to our commitment to the flexibility and service our customers receive, as much as it is about our product quality.”

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