Make someone’s Christmas
20 Nov 2017

Christmas is the season of joy and excitement for many. But for some, it can also be a challenging time of year. We want that to change.

That’s why we are partnering with KMFM this festive season to help make someone’s Christmas that extra bit special. We’re giving the people of Kent the chance to nominate someone that they feel needs a bit of a lift this Christmas.

Whether that’s a day out somewhere for an elderly relative, or supporting someone struggling to give their children the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of, we want to help.

Nominations have closed and KMFM will be announcing winners every day from 7pm.

Our winners so far

Maci Rayford - A surprise visit from Santa!

Our final nomination came mum: "My daughter Maci is 7 years old and the most caring child I know. In the summer she spent her whole 6 week holidays fundraising for the Canterbury charity catching lives. She managed to raise £770 and bought sleeping bags and made Christmas boxes for all of the clients. She has raised a further £218 which she will use to again buy sleeping bags and other essentials. She really is so giving and selfless. On her Christmas list this year she has simply put she wants a good life. I would love to be able to surprise her with a trip to Lapland where she could meet Santa and have a sleigh ride. I am a very proud mother."

Shannon Foley - VIP tickets to see Little Mix

Day 9 is a nomination for Shannon Foley from her Mum, Lorraine. "Shannon is having all her hair shaved of for charity. She is donating her hair to Little Princess Trust and raising money for two causes. Half of the money will be going to Macmillan and the other half to a friend at school who is remission from cancer.

Shannon is only 11 years old and doing a very brave thing.She loves Little Mix and I would love for them to send her a letter of "Well done" or something."

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Albie Brookman - a family ticket to Disney on Ice

Albie's nomination came from his Mum: "Albie is just 8 years old. He is a very usual boy with a very special heart. Albie thinks in a completely unique way and is more empathetic than anyone I’ve ever met.

A couple of examples, Albie, for his birthday asked to sponsor a lion. He didn’t care for gifts he just wanted to help stop extinction.

Albie recently raised over £150 for children’s cancer charity after waking up saying, ‘I want to help make poorly children more comfortable.’ He worked hard selling merchandise and was very proud of himself.

But the thing that is most admirable about Albie is how he inspires others. His fundraising has now prompted family members to climb Ben Nevis for children with cancer charity. Albie just thinks beautiful thoughts and has a maturity that helps him act on these thoughts! I love that he even suggested if he was Prime Minister of the jungle (watching I’m A Celeb) that the first rule he would make is that everyone would get a turn in the comfy bed!

He really does make so many people happy and I think this treat could help nurture his desire to continue doing good for people who need it most.

For his treat could I suggest a mini break, he would love to see Father Christmas or Mickey Mouse. But in honesty Albie would be so pleased with any gesture; I know this because I know how much any act of kindness means to my angel Albie. Thank you."

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Karen Morgan - a spa trip plus £100 spending money

Karen was nominated by "Karen is a tiny dynamo of a woman! Karen is coming up to 59 years old but she has the drive and energy of a 20 year old! I have never met anyone with so much energy and so focused on everyone else except herself. Karen has a disabled son who is now 21 years old. She has worked tirelessly to understand his difficulties by working in a school for disabled children and being as involved as she could with the disabled community.

She has worked wonders with her son and although now, she has very reluctantly found assisted living accommodation for him, she continues to be very involved with him each and every day. She is an amazing mother, and she also looks after her mother which is almost a full-time job in itself since her Mum had a stroke earlier this year.

Karen is also a very active member of the Centre mind body spirit that I run. If I need any assistance from opening the doors if I can’t make it, to painting the walls and glossing the paintwork to offering her services as a Reiki healer for free (donations to the Centre) and rarely misses a week, unless it’s to help her mum or sun.

Karen has rescued two dogs and they are much loved and looked for.

In addition to all this, there are so many friends that owe her a debt of gratitude just for being there when they need help. Again, from taking them for hospital appointments, to dog sitting, to taking them in when in trouble, to just being on the end of the phone to listen to their problems. In all the time I have known her, which is about 5 years, I have rarely ever heard her say no to anyone. Despite running from one thing to another, she makes it work.

I know there are times, she is totally exhausted but even then she will still be there if you need her. What would I like you to do for her? I think she deserves a spa weekend to be pampered, a nice room, with nice food and some lovely treatments. I am sure, she would be so overwhelmed at something like this. She never ever asks for anything for herself, and I for one am privileged to call her a friend.

She has enhanced my life and her generosity to everyone and especially me, knows no bounds. I would love to see her get something back for her, and just for her. Please consider her as she is so deserving of something special. Thank you"

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Tracey Swift - a day of pampering a Rowhill Grange Spa

Tracey's nomination came from her best friend, Beth: "Tracey leads Sittingbourne Scouts and she is out, all kinds of weather throughout the year supporting Scouting to happen in and around Sittingbourne. Over the last 2 years Tracey has grown Scouting to have a much more 'team' feel and has brought everyone together which has been really good. She makes people feel that they 'can do' things and make a real difference to the lives of young people in the district. I would like KMFM to give Tracey some pampering - she does so much for everyone it would be awesome to help Tracey out herself first and be pampered."

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Samantha Cunningham - all expenses paid dinner for two at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Samantha's was nominated by her daughter, Kirsty: "Mum created the Christmas day lunch club 6 years ago. Through this, she organises and cooks Christmas dinner on Christmas day for elderly people who would be on their own. She organises for them to come to the village hall in Lyminge so they can enjoy Christmas day with lots of other people, great food and entertainment. I really think she deserves a special Christmas treat as she continues to do this on Christmas day to make sure other people have a fabulous day."

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Nicola King - a day at Bluewater with a personal shopper and a huge giftcard

Nicole's mum got in touch to nominate her: "Nicole is my daughter, and she's 16 years old. Just before her 14th birthday Nicole was rushed into hospital because she lost the use of her legs. We found out that Nicole had a condition called SUFE and she may not walk again as it was so severe...

"She had the first surgery in August and spent her 14th birthday in bed as she was unable to walk. In September she had her second surgery which was one of two hip reconstruction surgeries which lasted eight hours. She was very poorly after and needed a blood transfusion. Getting home from this surgery, Nicole was unable to use her legs to even stand and spent the whole time in bed or in a wheelchair. Finally, she had the last surgery the second hip reconstruction surgery in January, and luckily she wasn't so poorly after this one and we were home in a few days.

"She spent nearly a year in a wheelchair unable to walk. 

"Nicole now has a condition called AVN which means she needs hip replacements as the surgery, unfortunately, did not work. Nicole was a happy beautiful girl who loved to dance go out with her friends play sports and this has all been taken away. She can No longer do any physical activities like running, jumping or dancing. She's unable to walk long distances without having to take a break and rest, but she doesn't let it get her down. Throughout this whole illness, she has smiled laughed and kept us going as a family. Her attitude to life has changed and she makes the most of everything now - she is a true fighter, and is becoming a beautiful young lady. She now calls her 12 inch scars her battle scars, whereas before she would cry about them. 

"Nicole is now at college studying childcare as she wants to work with special needs children. We thought this may not be possible as Nicole missed Year 10 at school due to the illness, but in Year 11 she battled through the pain and walking difficulties to catch up on work. She spent lunch breaks and after school catching up, and achieved her GCSE's. I am so proud of my daughter and if it wasn't for her I think my family would have fallen apart. If Nicole is chosen I would love her to have a day where she is treated like a princess. She loves make up, hair and clothes and I would love for her to get a makeover. I know this would mean so much to her. Thank you for reading."

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Mark Codina - a week a Centre Parks with his daughter - plus £200 spending money

Mark's nomination read: "I would like to nominate my best friend Mark Cordina and his 6 year old daughter Amelia 3 months ago his wife and her mother got taken Iäó»ll with an ear infection but later that night she was pronounced dead due to meningitis neither of them had a chance to say goodbye to wife or mother and Mark has had to quit his job to look after Amelia and deal with the enormous tasks his wife used to undertake while looking after Amelia and while he worked Mark has done an amazing job continuing and I have helped him to do as much as I can along with other friends. We helped him raise the funds for Vikki's funeral and although this short piece of information I give you contains the basics there is so much more to this story villi was also helping to run constant care in the community for the elderly and I believe wholeheartedly that they both deserve a treat".

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Jerry and Jon Barrett - £500 Love to Shop vouchers

Jerry and Jon's nomination was a heartfelt note from their son: "My Mum and Dad do everything for everyone and always go without themselves, I never see them treat themselves, they have never even had a honeymoon when they married 5 years ago, I am 12 years old and they have not once gone away without us on a holiday. My Dad gives up his free time to help the Charing Sports and Social club with their field duties, and is a retained Fireman for the Village. My mum works very hard, and when she isn't working she is looking after everyone, whether it be me and my sister or her 3 sisters and their children, she also helps some local businesses including the social club, cricket club with their social media for free. This Christmas I know they are struggling a little bit, and I just wanted to make sure that they got a Christmas this year as well as me and my Sister, I just don't want them to miss out, they sacrifice a lot for us and I want to pay them back in Kind. Yours Hopefully Tyler Barrett. PS I am at school and can answer my phone until 3.30 most days! Thank you!!!!!!!"

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