Online Services Terms and Conditions
22 Mar 2018

We have changed some of the wording in the section that deals with disputed transactions to clarify the position and to better reflect how we approach these issues in practice. 

The changes are as follows:

Condition 9.6

In the first part of Condition 9.6, we have deleted the words “but you subsequently prove it was not authorised by you“, and replaced them with the words highlighted below:

“Where a transaction on your Account (s) is confirmed by use of your Security Details, and you did not authorise it in line with the terms and conditions of your Account, you will not be liable for that transaction ……”

Condition 9.7

In the second sentence of Condition 9.7, the word “will” has been changed to “may”. We have highlighted the change in words below:

“If you fail to do so, you may be liable for any unauthorised transactions on your Account confirmed by use of your Security Details.”

The revised Online Terms and Conditions containing this change can be found at here.