Protecting your savings - we've launched a freephone fraud helpline for you
25 Nov 2019

We care about keeping your money safe, so to give you peace of mind and support when you need it, we’ve launched our dedicated Kent Reliance helpline as part of International Fraud Awareness Week (17-23 November 2019).

You can also pick up a handy leaflet in one of our branches or download the web version here

If you’re ever in any doubt that your details are secure, you can call our freephone fraud helpline on 0800 077 8210. We also support the national Take Five campaign, an initiative to promote these five simple steps for protecting against fraud:

  1. Never disclose security details - such as your PIN or full password
  2. Don't assume an email or caller is genuine - people aren't always who they say they are
  3. Don't be rushed - a genuine bank won't mind waiting to give you time to stop and think
  4. Listen to your instincts - if something feels wrong then pause and question it
  5. Stay in control - have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for information

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