The soundest investment of all
12 Aug 2016

By Will Davies

Kent Reliance has been a part of Kent for over 150 years and in more recent times we have gone from strength to strength. Kent Reliance (and its parent, OneSavings Bank) is one of the major employers in the region. Since 2012, we have hired in excess of 200 new employees and we continue to actively and passionately recruit from the Kent region.

But why is our recruitment programme relevant to customers? Simply put, without the right staff we wouldn’t be able to offer the great customer service we are renowned for. At Kent Reliance we have always valued our local branches and view them as a direct connection to our community. We’ve recruited heavily into our branches to make more people available and provide even better service. The relationships our staff have with customers is invaluable, and many of them go back years. To not invest in selecting our staff would ultimately be a disservice to our customers. While many of our competitors concentrate their efforts on their online services, we like to focus our attention on customer service equally via both our staff and online.

In an age where technology is heralded as less a new bold frontier and more simply as the norm, is there a place for the personal touch? One recent addition to the banking world exclusively deals with their customers via their app. But are they right to shun traditional banking models or is it a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water?

There is no denying that advancements in technology have streamlined certain areas in the way we bank, saving valuable minutes in an increasingly time poor world. However, when it comes to the more complex or personal aspects of our finances, there is little than can beat discussing your options with an experienced member of staff who is skilled in customer service and knowledgeable about what their organisation can offer.

If you are interested in the recruitment opportunities Kent Reliance currently has on offer, please feel free to drop into your local branch to discuss these with our friendly staff.