Provident Society background

What exactly is the Kent Reliance Provident Society (KRPS)?


Kent Reliance Provident Society (KRPS) is a mutual organisation that was formed as part of the transfer in 2011 of Kent Reliance Building Society's business to OneSavings Bank plc (OSB). The membership of the former building society was transferred to KRPS while OSB, trading as Kent Reliance, krbs and Kent Reliance Banking Services, carries on the banking activities.

The KRPS Board are proposing changes to the Society and asking that you vote on these at the forthcoming AGM. For more information click here.

KRPS and Customer Benefits


Each month one member of KRPS will receive £1,000 as part of a prize draw. KRPS also makes a monthly donation to a charitable programme, administered by the Kent Community Foundation (KCF).

All Kent Reliance account holders are eligible to join. More information is available on the KRPS website. 

KRPS website


Customer Panel


Although all KRPS members have a voice, members of the KRPS Panel are asked for their opinion from time to time which is provided directly to the board and executive team of Kent Reliance.


Please see the Customer Panel website for more information.

Customer Panel


If you would like to join:

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