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Customer service address change FAQs

  • Are you moving / Have you opened a new office in Sunderland?

  • Is your registered address changing?

  • What is your new postal address?

  • Why are you directing post to Sunderland when OneSavings Bank is based in Chatham?

  • If the work will continue to be managed by OneSavings Bank employees, how will you receive it?

  • What happens to post addressed to your old address / I’m still sending post to your old address / Can I use the prepaid envelopes I currently have?

  • Will this cause a delay in my details getting to you / Will I be affected by the re-direction in place?

  • Who is OneSavings Bank? / How are OneSavings Bank and Kent Reliance linked?

Beware of Fraud

Unfortunately, criminals are using the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity to trick people into revealing personal information, or offering medical products, guidance or a safe haven for money.

Please be vigilant of cold callers; there have been reports of people trying to obtain access to homes on the pretence of testing for the virus. Don’t answer the door to anyone you don’t know.

Kent Reliance will never ask you to share any personal, security (e.g., password/memorable information) or account details, or to move your savings to a safe account. Please remain vigilant and stay up to date with the latest information on fraud and security on the support page of our website.