We care about keeping your money safe, and you’ve told us that it’s one of the things you like most about Kent Reliance.

According to data from UK Finance, 1,910,490 unauthorised cases of fraud were reported in the UK in 2017. However, this does not include cases where the account holder was tricked into making payments (authorised push payments) from their account directly to a fraudster.

A total of £236million was lost through such scams in 2017.

We want to help our customers stay informed and able to take some key steps to protect themselves against the risk of fraud and scams.

What can I do to prevent fraud?

Take five to stop fraud

Get to know the risks, look out for the tell-tale signs, and have peace of mind when managing your finances.

We support the national Take Five campaign – five simple steps to help protect yourself and your money. 

1. Never disclose security details, such as your PIN or full password – it’s never okay to reveal these details

2. Don’t assume an email request or caller is genuine – people aren’t always who they say they are

3. Don’t be rushed – a genuine bank or organisation won’t mind waiting to give you time to stop and think

4. Listen to your instincts – if something feels wrong then it is usually right to pause and question it

5. Stay in control – have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for information


Types of fraud

Fraudsters can target absolutely anyone – through the telephone, emails, text messages and face to face. Outsmart them by making sure you know the risks and have all the facts about scams.

Learn more about online, phone, door-to-door and postal scams, including phishing, vishing and smishing.

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How we work with you to prevent fraud

We have robust procedures in place to protect your funds. Our staff are trained in spotting the signs of fraud, so don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you are unsure of anything.

Our deposit and withdrawal processes are secure, and we take the security of your account very seriously.

  • Our staff follow a strict identification process to help protect your savings, additional identification may be required
  • If you bank with us online, funds can only be transferred to your own nominated account
  • If you receive a call from us and are uncomfortable in continuing, terminate the call – we won’t take offence.
  • Existing customers can call us on 0345 122 1122 (all calls are recorded)
  • If you lose your passbook, other documents or security details relating to your account or believe they’ve been obtained by another person you should tell us as soon as possible on our freephone fraud prevention number 0800 077 8210.
  • Make sure that you let us know your correct details and your communication preferences so that we can keep in touch with you
  • If you think you have been the victim of fraud on your bank account, or if you suspect anyone has tried to compromise your financial details, don’t be embarrassed - report it to us and call Action Fraud. See below.


Support organisations

 Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Take Five fraud prevention website

Action Fraud (National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre)

Report your suspicions of a fraud to Action Fraud on the Action Fraud website or call 0300 123 2040

What to do in an emergency

In an emergency, if a crime is in progress or about to be committed, call 999. If it’s urgent but not an emergency, please call 101 to notify the Police.