Lost and forgotten accounts

If you think you’ve lost track of or forgotten an account with us, we’ll help you to trace your money.

Where an account holder has not contacted us for some time (at least three years) we’ll contact them to check they still want the account to remain open. If we receive no response, we’ll mark the account as 'inactive'. We may also mark an account as inactive if two items of post are returned by the Royal Mail as ‘Gone away’ or ‘Addressee unknown’.

We stop sending letters and statements to inactive accounts, to avoid the risk of personal information being sent to the wrong address.

If an account of yours has been marked as inactive we will need to confirm your identity (ID). This is to prevent fraud and to protect your money.

In the case where the account holder has died, we’ll have to confirm both the ID of the person claiming the funds, and that they have a legal right to the funds – for example, they may be an executor of the estate.

When the ID checks have been carried out successfully, the account funds can be released, together with accrued interest. In all cases, the funds in the account remain the property of the account holder or, in the case of death, their estate.

If you think you have any account with us that may have been flagged dormant, inactive or ‘gone away’, please complete our Form to Reclaim Lost Funds to begin the process of recovering the funds. Once completed, you can return the form to us by post at the address below:

OneSavings Bank
SR43 4AB