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Some of our variable interest rates are changing. For full details of these changes and our current interest rates please click here.

Why is my interest rate decreasing?

At Kent Reliance we regularly review the interest rates we pay our customers to ensure they remain in line with economic conditions.

How long will my account stay at the new rate?

Unless you have a fixed rate product, savings accounts with variable interest rates can be altered at any time. However, in the event of a rate reduction of more than 0.25% or a cumulative reduction of 0.50% or more in 12 month period we will notify you in writing at least 14 days before the change will take effect.

Why did I not receive personal notification of this change?

As stated in our general terms and conditions, we will only provide personal notification if interest rates are reduced more than 0.25% in one occasion or accumulate to 0.50% or more in a 12 month period. To see the most recent rate change, please click here.

You are reducing the interest rate on my Notice account, what are my options?

You will have instant access to your funds until Monday 31 October 2016. After this date the standard notice period for your account will apply.

How will I know if this affects any of my savings accounts?

Changes in interest rates can be found here. Alternatively, you can you call us at 0345 122 1122 or from the 1 September log in to your online services to view your interest rate.