Running your Business savings account

How can I fund my new account?

To deposit into a Kent Reliance Business savings account, you must transfer the funds electronically from your nominated bank account.

You will not be able to fund by CHAPS, cheque or cash.

What will happen if I attempt to deposit funds from an account other than my nominated bank account?

Deposits into your Kent Reliance account that are not from the nominated account will be returned to the account from which they originated without interest.

How do I fund my account by bank transfer?

To make a bank transfer you will need the following details:

Sort code: 62-24-97

Account number: this will be the numerical element of your account reference with a zero added at the front (for example 01234567).

To ensure that your payment reaches your account, please make sure you use your entire account number (with prefix and suffix) as your reference (for example ABC1234567KRB). If you or your bank or building society does not include your reference number when submitting the payment, it may not be possible to match the funds to your account. In this case we may need to then return the funds without interest.

Will you inform me once a deposit has reached my existing Kent Reliance business savings account?

No, a notification will only be generated for initial deposits into new accounts.

How do I withdraw money online to my nominated account?

Simply log on and go to 'Transfers' and select the account you wish to withdraw from.

Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw online?

No, but this is currently under review.

How soon will I receive my money if I withdraw online?

This depends on the day and time you submit your withdrawal request. Full details can be found in our withdrawals page.

How can my business add another Authorised User, Director or major Shareholder to manage the account?

To update Authorised User, Director or major Shareholder information, please download and complete this form and send it to us via secure message.

Can the nominated bank account be changed?

Yes. You must notify us of the change by writing to us with the name, sort code and account number of your new nominated bank account (which must be held in the account holder’s name). You will need to send us an original Bank/Building Society account statement no more than three (3) months old showing the account details. Until such time the update takes effect withdrawals made from your account(s) will still be credited to your existing nominated bank account.