Online services FAQs

Am I eligible to open an account online?

To open an account online, you must be aged 18 years or over, resident in the UK and liable only to pay tax in the UK.

Can I open a new joint account online?

Yes, you can open a joint account with up to two account holders online. You will need to provide full details of both account holders. By completing the online application you will be declaring that you have the authority to do so on behalf of both account holders and that you both understand that we will act on the instructions of either of you but you are each responsible for all transactions carried out.

Is your online application form secure?

Yes, the site is secure and you can visually tell this because your browser will display a padlock symbol. The web address will also start https. All information you supply is encrypted and cannot be intercepted to comply with security protocols.

Do I need to send in any evidence of my identification to open my account?

Once you have submitted your online application, before allowing you to fund the account, we will check your identity and address. These checks are carried out electronically to make it as easy as possible for you. Sometimes we are unable to carry out the checks electronically and we may ask you to send in some additional evidence of identification by post. We will let you know if we need any additional information onscreen and by email.

How long after submitting my application do I have to send in any additional evidence of identification?

Please ensure that any additional evidence is sent within 14 days of your application being submitted to avoid your application being cancelled.

What is a nominated account?

The account that you provide as your nominated account will be the account to which any withdrawal that you make online from any of your Kent Reliance accounts will be paid (including any withdrawal you make online from any existing joint account).

You must provide a valid UK bank/building society current account as your nominated account. We will electronically verify that this account is held in your name (or in the name of the first applicant in the case of a new joint account application) and you may be requested to provide additional evidence (eg an account statement) if we are unable to verify this information electronically.

Nominated bank account details are linked to the account holder and not the account itself. All withdrawal requests made online will be deposited to the nominated bank account that you provide when opening your latest account online. It is your responsibility to ensure that this nominated bank account remains to accept funds. On a joint account, each account holder has the authority to change their own nominated bank account without the prior consent or knowledge of the other account holder. This change can either be requested or is automatically made when either of the account holders opens a new account and provides different nominated bank account details. Any change to the nominated bank account made by either account holder will only reflect on their own online record and will not change the other account holder's nominated bank account.

I opened a joint account, but why can I not withdraw online?

When opening a joint account, we verify the nominated account of the first applicant only to ensure that the account is held in their own name. If you are the second applicant and have not already registered for online access, as we have not verified that the nominated account is held in your name as well, you will need to send us a secure message confirming your nominated account details. We will electronically verify that this account is held in your name and set this up for you. You may be requested to provide additional evidence (eg an account statement) if we are unable to verify this information electronically.

Why must I have a nominated account?

A nominated account is used to speed up the process of requesting a withdrawal. You will only be able to request withdrawals to your own nominated account.

How do I fund my account by electronic transfer?

To make a electronic payment you will need the following details:

Sort code: 62-24-97*
Account number: this will be the numerical element of your account reference with a zero added at the front (for example 01234567).

To ensure that your payment reaches your account, please make sure you use your entire account number (with prefix and suffix) as your reference (for example ABC1234567KRB). If you or your bank or building society does not include your reference number when submitting the payment request, it may not be possible to credit the funds to your account. In this case we may need to return the funds without interest.

*Please note our sort code is provided by NatWest as it acts on our behalf as our clearing bank

How can I fund my new online account?

You can fund your new online account by electronic transfer, or if you hold other Kent Reliance accounts that permit withdrawals, you can transfer funds from that account into your new online account.

You will not be able to fund an account opened online by cash. If you wish to open your account by cash, please visit one of our branches.

Can I fund my new ISA initially by transferring funds from another provider?

Yes, you can fund your new online ISA by transferring funds from another provider, subject to eligibility. If your provider is not listed online, you will need to complete a paper transfer form.

How long after applying do I have to fund my account with my initial deposit?

You have seven days from your account application being approved to fund the account with your initial deposit. If you are unable to fund your account within seven days, we will cancel your application and any funds received after this time will be returned to you.

Why is the Online Service unavailable?

Sometimes we need to take our Online Service off line to carry out essential maintenance. You can check the times the Service will be off line here.

In addition, between the hours of 11pm and 4am the Online Service goes into Read-only mode. This is a restricted version of the Service whereby you will not be able to deposit or withdraw funds, but will still be able to log on and view your account.

Will you collect the deposit from my nominated account?

No, we will never collect money from your nominated account. To deposit into your new savings account, you will need to do so by initiating a bank transfer from your current account provider.

Can I make a withdrawal from my fixed rate bond online?

Not all of our bonds allow withdrawals during the account term. If your fixed term account allows withdrawals during the account term and you make a withdrawal, you’ll incur a loss of interest as stated in your account specific literature.

If your bond allows you to make a withdrawal subject to a loss of interest, please send your request by secure message through the online service.

Can I make a withdrawal from my fixed rate ISA online?

Yes, although this will be subject to a charge by way of loss of interest, the amount of which depends on the term of your account. Please refer to the product specific terms and conditions of your account for further details.

Any amounts you withdraw will no longer be held in your Cash ISA. This means that any tax benefits in respect of the amount withdrawn will be lost and the money withdrawn cannot be reinstated in your Cash ISA later in that tax year without impacting your annual ISA allowance for that tax year.

If you experience any difficulty requesting a withdrawal or transfer to another account with us then please call us.

How can I make a withdrawal from my Notice account?

You can make a withdrawal by giving the required amount of notice and sending your request by secure message through the online service. You can also make withdrawals via the post or telephone.

Please note: not all Notice accounts allow withdrawals without giving the full amount of notice. Please refer to the product specific terms and conditions of your account for further details.

What should I do if I forget my user identification number (UID)?

If you have forgotten your user identification number please call our Online Services Team on 0345 120 3223.

Can I cancel future dated withdrawals?

Yes, you can cancel future dated transactions online. Once you are logged in, select the ‘Transfers & Payments’ tab and then click ‘Pending Transfers’. This will list all future dated transactions and allow you to view or delete the request.

How can I change my personal details?

For information on how to change your personal details, please click here.

Why can I no longer log in with my 9 digit User Identification (UID) Number?

If you previously logged in with a UID that had only 9 digits, you’ll need to add a zero (0) at the start to make it 10 digits. The system will no longer accept UID with 9 digits.